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Introducing the Virtual Pantry pre-release!

Wish there was an easy way to find recipes that you can make without going to the store? Tired of wasting food that you forgot to use? Or realizing halfway through a recipe that you're out of the eggs you need? Check out the test version of our newest feature — Virtual Pantry — designed to work seamlessly with the Shopping List to organize all your pantry needs.

Know what you have

Use the Virtual Pantry to track ingredients you have on hand and get notified when you're running low.

Buy what you don't

Add ingredients to your Shopping List from any recipe on Yummly and order groceries online for pick up or delivery from a local store.*

* This service is currently only available in the US.

See what to make

Find recipes to see what you can make without a trip to the store, and use up ingredients before they expire.

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