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Stir-frying meals has become an extremely healthy and flavorful option to many at-home chefs who want to try something different than baking or frying their meals in the traditional manner. There are a variety of stir-fry recipes available on Yummly, from beef stir-fry to chicken stir-fry.

There are even a few recipes for vegetarians who want to have a vegetable filled stir-fry without any meat. No matter what type of ingredients you include in your stir fry, there are dozens of different fla…

or combinations in a wide variety of recipes that can keep your interest and help you try new things anytime you're craving a stir-fry dish for lunch or dinner.

Before You Start Your Stir-Fry

Traditionally, stir-fry is a Chinese technique that involves cooking your ingredients in hot oil at high heat in a wok pan. A wok is a large deep pan that allows you to stay around the ingredients without anything falling out. It usually has a handle on one side and a long, straight handle on the other side. You can buy a walk for as little as $6 at Walmart or Target, or if you want something a little more durable wok, you could also try a stainless steel option, which is usually about $30. If you don't want to spend the money to get a wok, you can use a large flat saute pan that will mostly work the same, as long as the majority of your ingredients are able to touch the bottom of the pan while it's cooking. If you have a large recipe that is too full for the pan you're using, separate the recipe into two different pans or cooking batches: as soon as one batch is done, transfer the second batch into the hot pan with more oil.

Many stir-fries are also served with noodles or rice, so make sure that you have those on hand and you are already cooking them before you start your stir-fry. The reason for this is it usually takes longer to cook rice or a batch of noodles, and it does to cook your stir-fry ingredients in the hot pan.

To make your stir-fry recipe healthier, you could use soba or shirataki noodles or cauliflower rice to sub for the starchy traditional versions. You also don't have to use a ton of oil in the stir-fry itself. Many recipes call for just two tablespoons. You can choose what oil works best for your needs, but many people use olive oil.

Stir-Fry Chicken Recipes

If you're going to use chicken in your recipes, you can either cook the chicken breast hole in the pan or cut them into small pieces before cooking. In many stir-fry recipes, you will cook the meat first and then add the remaining vegetables as needed. Be sure to follow the recipe so the meat or vegetables aren't overcooked and it follows food safety guidelines.

There are several different stir-fried chicken recipes available on our site, but the most traditional recipe usually includes cooking your vegetables and chicken in sesame oil and then adding soy sauce or teriyaki sauce at the end.

Besides a traditional chicken stir-fry recipe, you could also make lemon chicken, garlic chicken, or even a honey chicken stir-fry that are delicious and sure to be a welcome addition on the dinner table. It’s also fun to add peanuts or cashews to your chicken stir-fry for a little crunch and extra fat and protein.

Stir-Fry Shrimp Recipes

Shrimp is another favorite protein in stir-fry recipes because their flavor goes very well with many different types of vegetables and seasonings. Before putting shrimp into a stir-fry, make sure that it has been peeled and deveined. You can usually buy them already prepared this way if you don't want to do this yourself. A few great vegetables that go well with shrimp are snap peas, broccoli, garlic, and ginger. Keep some shrimp frozen in your freezer, so you always have some on hand whenever you want to make a shrimp stir-fry recipe fast.

Once the shrimp and vegetables are cooked, you can then add whatever Saucy be like or have a variety on the table for your dinner companions to choose their favorite option. Shrimp does very well with absorbing any types of flavors that you add to it, so be sure to check out all the different recipe options to find your favorite.

Stir-Fry Vegetarian Recipes

It's possible to have a vegetarian stir-fry with only vegetables or to add tofu or tempeh for a little more protein. Many vegans or vegetarians like this option because it doesn't include meat but can still make for a delicious dish. When using tofu, make sure to use firm or extra firm, so it doesn’t get too soft or soggy when cooking.

If you like your stir-fry spicy, you can have delicious flavor in your vegetarian version by adding Sriracha or Asian chili sauce. This can add a kick to help with your digestion or make you feel fuller because of the extra flavor. You can also add these ingredients to stir-fries with meat, but make sure that your dinner companions like spicy dishes, as these definitely pack a punch.

Stir-Fry Beef Recipes

Looking for the best stir-fry beef recipes for a beef stir-fry recipe that is healthy? There are several options available here on Yummly. Many recipes recommend using flank or sirloin steak that has been cut into strips. Make sure to cut against the grain, so the steak comes out tender. It’s essential to cut the steak strips then so you know when they've been properly cooked to your liking. You don't want something that's too thick and hard to chew when you're trying to take a big bite with vegetables and rice.

Sesame seeds or soy and fish sauce are common additions to beef stir-fries, especially if you are going for an Asian flavor. Just make sure if you are using fish or oyster sauce that no one has any allergies to seafood, as these do contain seafood allergens (for example, fish sauce is made with anchovies that have been fermented for up to two years).

If you don't want to use a simple sauce like soy or chili paste, it is easy to make your own. You can look up stir-fry sauce recipes or consider making something basic such as combining peanut butter and soy sauce for a peanut sauce or garlic and olive oil for a garlic sauce. Think about what types of flavors do you want to have in your stir-fry and search around for options. The variety and sauces can help you cook stir-fries more often without getting sick of them.

Stir-fry recipes are straightforward because the ingredients cook quickly and often a flavor can come together simply by combining a few seasonings in the pan or adding a sauce after cooking. Experiment with the recipes here on Yummly to create a delicious dish that you can add to your dinner rotation.

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