Celebrate the Festival of Lights with a feast of lively bites. The holiday brings edible customs to carry on with Hanukkah recipes. There are, after all, eight days of delights to fill your bellies…

Traditional Hanukkah Recipes

Tradition dictates we eat food cooked in oil, which is why you see more jelly doughnuts (sufganiyot) and potato pancakes (potato latkes) this time of year. But there are plenty of recipes that deliver delicious fried food to honor tradition. That means deep-frying is the best way to celebrate -- golden brown apple fritters and doughnut holes dipped in cinnamon sugar, deep-fried egg rolls, french fries, or fried chicken are all on the table for each day of feasting!

Common Hanukkah Recipes

While we celebrate Hanukkah with fried food, there are common dishes to serve that don't require a fryer! There are dozens of interpretations of the best beef brisket as a main dish along with noodle kugel or potato kugel to try. You can even blend Shabbat's standard challah with the Hanukkah tradition with an olive oil challah recipe to serve next to roast chicken. For sweets, Hanukkah gelt (chocolate gold coins) are fun to make and eat, and no one can turn down a good chocolate babka!

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