Meatball Parmesan Casserole

Mckenzee: "We have had this several times my family LOVES IT!" Read More


  • 1 bag frozen meatballs (cooked according to package directions)
  • pasta sauce
  • 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
  • Italian seasoning (to taste)
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    Made it


    Mckenzee 4 days ago
    We have had this several times my family LOVES IT!
    Michelle D 5 days ago
    Great, kids loved it. My husband made meatball sandwich
    Ashley Perkins 8 days ago
    this will be a repeat in my house! picky boys ate it w/ garlic bread with no complaints
    Derek Vanover 9 days ago
    Great and easy! Will definitely make it again
    Leann Pyatt 13 days ago
    super easy and great!
    Shelby F. 16 days ago
    Easy and delicious! Love that it was quick, one dish, and easy prep.
    Lakesha Huston a month ago
    It was great and my kids enjoyed it, I will make this again!
    Shannon Erdman a month ago
    It was tasty but just meatballs was not for us. I ended up making a pot of pasta to go with it. Next time I’ll make the pasta beforehand and mix it in the sauce before baking.
    Trevor Brinkley a month ago
    Really Good. I would make it again
    Ophelia 2 months ago
    This recipe tuened out very well! My family loves it and anticipate when I will make it again
    Nicole 2 months ago
    Super simple and fast. Paired it with veggies and bread sticks. My daughter really liked it and asked for 2nds!
    Jeremy Wynia 2 months ago
    Fast, easy and delicious. Going into regular rotation
    Victoria Commons 2 months ago
    very good. homemade meatballs worked very well
    Tiffany Hillyer 2 months ago
    Tastes amazing will make again so easy!
    Stephenino 2 months ago
    Super awesome! I made my meatballs from scratch and they turned out great. No issues, although I did use double the mozzarella cheese, because I love cheese. I also left it in the oven a little bit longer on purpose, just to give it a little crisp.
    Kristy 2 months ago
    This was good. Will definitely make again.
    Taye 2 months ago
    Really juicy the parmesan didn’t quite completely melt so I baked it for an extra 10 min
    Mie K. 2 months ago
    Really easy and tasty!
    Emily 2 months ago
    I wish I could give this a zero star. Never gonna make this again. The cheese didn’t melt all the way and I even checked the date on it and it doesn’t expire til like 4 months from now, I just bought it today and the meatballs were still cold when I put them in. I put the dish back in the oven for 3 minutes after the 15, then I at a meatball willing to burn my mouth and it was still cold, then I put it back in for 10 more minutes and it was still cold “barely warm.” I just put it back in for 15 more minutes just to see if the rest of the cheese will melt and if the meatballs are actually going to be hot now.
    João 2 months ago
    It was really good, will definitely make it again
    Jorge S. 2 months ago
    Would make again! It was tasty and straightforward
    it tasted awesome and i will definitely cook it again
    Heather Parks 3 months ago
    Easy to make, though I make homemade meatballs and double the recipe. I add a little more sauce since it can be a bit too dry for our tastes. It can be the main course alone, but we add it to toasted sub-buns or garlic bread. Good leftover too.
    Vee 3 months ago
    Easy and delicious. Works great with hot sauce!
    Devin Eberly 3 months ago
    It was so easy to make and my family loved it! Even my Dad loved it so much he was giving lots of high praise which is very rare. Usually it's very hard to get his approval. I made some pasta to go along with the casserole and it helped make it a bit more filling. I think we might make this again sometime soon. Might make a pescatarian version of it so my Mom can enjoy this recipe too. Whoever came up with this is a genius! <3
    Stephanie 3 months ago
    Very easy and tastes good!
    Calin Ardelean 3 months ago
    The meatballs I used were not the best. But the cheese topping with pasta sauce turned out really good!
    Alyssa Gustaf 3 months ago
    Super good, easy meal. Added french fried onions on top about 5 minutes before it was done. Put it on top of homemade garlic bread to make it a sort of open faced meatball sub. Will definitely be making again.
    Deborah F. 3 months ago
    Delicious and super easy!!
    Debbie 3 months ago
    Super easy and delicious!!