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Homemade French Fries

SpecialDaydreams16: "I didn't want to fry them, so I air fried them us…" Read More
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  • 3 russet potatoes (large, peeled)
  • 1 quart vegetable oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • ketchup
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    SpecialDaydreams16 6 months ago
    I didn't want to fry them, so I air fried them using the exact recipe. They were amazing!
    TTLoves 7 months ago
    It tasted better than any fast food chain! So delicious!!
    Nicole Crawford 7 months ago
    These were perfect...any issues were because of my cutting job. My husband ate every one!
    Astin 7 months ago
    Great...went well. Made it how you said
    kelbie 8 months ago
    Recipe turned out great—just season it to taste. My boyfriend gave it a 10/10!
    Kimberly R. 8 months ago
    These turned out great! My timing was off though because I was just starting to do the second fry when the burgers were ready. I'll definitely make it again but start a little sooner 😊
    Erica DeChent 10 months ago
    Came out great! Will deff make again.
    Zach Asien 10 months ago
    yum. nice to know a technique for fried instead of baked fries but man what a hot mess.
    Casey P. a year ago
    Best recipe for fries ever! I wish I had learned this technic years ago!
    Bowen 2 years ago
    I didn't add the pepper, but everything else was amazing! Came out great:)
    akilah b. 2 years ago
    This recipe is perfect. After I fried them on medium heat and then fried them on high heat I tossed them in some salt pepper and parsley. Everyone is still asking for these fries.
    Rita Carter 2 years ago
    great matched perfectly with my fried fish.
    Dora montilla 2 years ago
    Great fries! I added paprika as well and it was restaurant worthy
    Kimberly C. 2 years ago
    looking for a recipe resembling 5 Guys french fries, and this one almost hit the mark!
    Joseph Dudley 2 years ago
    Great fries, used deep fryer and my 3yr old loved them.
    Courtjizzle C. 3 years ago
    I found it difficult to keep the temperature where I wanted, but they still came out perfect. I just had to pull them out sooner, because my oil was too hot.
    Newton 3 years ago
    Hi, I"m Belgian, and everyone knows that Belgians make the best french fries. No one knows why they are called french fries anyways. We are used to bake fries like this, deep fry them twice. We therefore use a deepfrier with a netted basked so we can lower them easily in the oil and take them out just as easily. HOWEVER, you DO NOT SOAK the potatoes. If they stick, they will unstick the second time you bake them. You need all the starch ON the potatoe so that they can be crispy. It's the starch that gets crispy. You bake - or frie, however you call it- by immersing them fully in the oil. So 1 1/2inch of oil is not enough. It's best to fill your cast iron pot up to a third with oil. It's just ridiculous to fry ten fries at a time. But i must say, you do have the basics right and they look like really good fries. Talk more with Belgians, they'll love you for it. I know i do, Love, Newton
    Linda Kampersal 3 years ago
    Easy to make. I would probably cook them a little longer at 350 but they were a hit as is.
    Michael Conte 3 years ago
    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to try this again
    Jazzy Hurkman 3 years ago
    These were so good but I did ad some basil on top of the salt and pepper and it made it taste a lot better
    Ray Whelan 3 years ago
    The fries were the best i have ever made
    Ashley o. 4 years ago
    They're still baking I added garlic powder
    chavalla sai 4 years ago
    Awesome taste....its so yummly😋 What I thought and what i got was perfect👌 Just wanna make it again😜
    Emily Artherton 5 years ago
    This is our favorite recipe for homemade French fries. This recipe has spoiled us for eating fries at a restaurant or buying frozen fries to have at home. Since I found this recipe a couple of months ago we have made these fries about 4 times. We even went and bought a nice T-Fal deep fryer to make the frying easier.
    Gabriel F. 5 years ago
    This is the best way to do it! ;) My mom makes fries like this and it's just perfect, soft in the inside and crispy in the outside...just the way I like it.