• 1 pound pasta (large elbow macaroni)
  • 1 stick butter
  • 6 cups sharp cheddar cheese
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cup panko bread crumbs
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • salt (to taste)
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Yummly User
AMAZING!! and so easy!
deanna l. 8 days ago
it was soo yummy!! Everyone loved it, will definitely make again soon!!
It was super easy & delicious!
Lenora McFadden 17 days ago
Made adjustments like using half & half instead of heavy cream and used different types of cheeses (a mix of white, sharp & mild cheddar; gouda; muenster then mild cheddar on top). Also used more seasoning (Himalayan salt mixed with roasted garlic). Didn't use the bread crumbs at all... Turned out great!
Sbbcr Roberson 22 days ago
Easy to make! I really liked it but my husband and kids didn’t like the sharp cheddar. Will use half mild cheddar next time.
Fantastic! It was super easy to make and everyone had seconds. It was the first dish finished at a party we had.
Alhamdulillah. It tastes GREAT. Thanks for the recipe 😊
Jenny S. 17 Aug
My family loved this (except my picky eater). He didn’t like the “crust” but I loved it. To me the crust made it delicious!
La 11 Aug
Tasty and easy to make
It turned out very creamy and delicious best Baked mac n cheese ever!!
Robin 7 Aug
I loved this! It could probably use a bit more flavor, but still it was super easy to make and way delicious
Lindy 7 Aug
It was a tad too heavy and sharp, and I mixed mild and sharp cheeses. Could’ve used more salt. Otherwise fantastic!
baili 1 Aug
so good. very cheesy and creamy
Tricia 29 Jul
Was a bit bland, maybe a bit more cheese or salt to make it more flavorful.
Vi Do 29 Jul
Followed it exactly and it was delicious! Everyone loved it.
Elizabeth 24 Jul
Used milk, not cream. Very good
tasted great and made me feel so much better comfort food X10
I added one cup velveeta to the recipe which did not overpower the dish with a processed flavor. I also skipped the panko the base of this recipe is brilliant just tweek it to your liking.
tam 16 Jul
easy to make but not much flavor. would prob try a different recipe before this one again.
Luc Richer 16 Jul
Very simple to make and it was a hit. I will probably add a few more spices next time I make this but I will definitely be making this again.
Toni C. 15 Jul
Made this recipe for the first time today, family loved it. There waiting for more 👏👏
Juno Onuj 15 Jul
Quick and easy kids loved it
Luke 12 Jul
Amazing! I added broccoli to this recipe and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)
Evan Flagg 12 Jul
Cheese. Good. Buttery Goodness.
Sarah 12 Jul
Very good! Just when it says to mix the rest of the cheese in don’t use any of the melted cheese.
it was awesome. my family loved it. i might not use sharp cheddar next time it was kinda strong.
Allison 9 Jul
Wonderful easy recipe! Made this today and my family loved it, just added a little more spices to the cheese sauce to give it some extra flavor but other than that it was great! Super easy to make, especially during the week for those crazy busy days!
Maybe I’m just idiot and didn’t cook cook right but ratio was totally off and the end product was sadly disappointing
My family loved it. will make again. used cavatappi noodles. very good.
kay s. 25 Jun
this was good. at first i thought there was too much sauce, & that 1 min under for pasta cooking was still too done. but after it baked it was awesome. i added garlic, paprika, and whole grain mustard to the sauce. didnt have enough cheddar left so i mixed the panko with shredded parm. would make this again!