Easy Slice and Bake Halloween Creature Cookies

New Recipe: Easy Slice and Bake Halloween Creature Cookies

Create some scary good monster and mummy sugar cookies following our new Guided Video Recipe.

Have you made your Halloween cookie-baking plans? Because they’re a thing, Halloween cookies, and why not have a little fun? Your kids, your friends, your co-workers: They’ll all be psyched when you give them buttery sugar cookies transformed into spooky Halloween monsters and mummies with the sorcery of white chocolate, candy eyes, and sprinkles.

Easy Slice and Bake Halloween Creature Cookies

almond extract, decorating sugar, white chocolate, vanilla extract and 6 more

Like our other Guided Recipe Videos, this cookie recipe is a Yummly original, created and tested by our team of contributors.

As it turns out, I got to be a tester myself on this cookie recipe, and I can tell you that your family and friends may want to get in on the baking action as well as on the eating. These Halloween treats are a total kick to make. Here’s how they go together.

Slice and bake the cookie faces

Slicing dough for create cookie faces

The cookie dough, which is flavored with vanilla and a subtle but delicious touch of almond extract, takes just a few minutes to make, using a stand mixer or hand mixer. You shape it into a block and chill it until it’s firm. Then slice it into rectangular “faces,” and bake. (No cookie cutters needed.)

Create some monster face cookie decorations

Add a mouth to the monster cookie

With this recipe, you can make make both monsters and mummies. For the monster cookies, dip them in melted white chocolate as the "frosting" so the add-ons have something to stick to. A sprinkle of green decorating sugar creates just the right ghoulish shade for the face. Black jimmies or sprinkles become the hair and mouth. Don’t forget the googly candy eyes (or eye!).

Create some mummy face cookie decorations

Add some white chocolate mummy wraps

The mummy cookies start the same way, with a dip in white chocolate. Give them a few side-to-side squiggles of melted white chocolate from a zip-top bag for some convincing mummy “wraps” before adding the eyes.

Fun with the coven

The Halloween cookie recipe is easy enough that older goblins and witches in your house can help. But like Mad-Eye Moody ("Constant vigilance!") Mom or Dad needs to keep a watch on hands around mixers, knives, the stove, and oven.

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