Leftovers Revisited: Making Yesterday's Food for Today
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Leftovers Revisited: Making Yesterday's Food for Today

Sometimes a leftover just feels... left over.  It's a dim light from a foggy memory. A meager waft from a once ambrosial fare.  A crispy chicken strip that's lost it's crunch.  Sure, the meal was delicious when you first took it out of the oven, but as you scoop in some cold rice and pop it into the microwave, things don't feel the same.

But just because today's food is from yesterday's dinner doesn't mean it can't be something new as well! Here are some examples of tasty dishes and ways they could be used for the next day's food adventure.

A juicy roasted chicken makes for excellent shredded chicken salads and sandwiches:

Savory stews can be dressed up into delectable pot pies:

Beef Pot Pie (from Chef in Training)


Mashed potatoes are delicious on their own, and make awesome pizzas too:

Roasted vegetables are just a blender trip away from healthy vegetable soups:

If you have leftover steamed rice, here are two menu items you might want to try out:

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