Keep it Simple with Splendid Salmon Recipes

Eating healthy is much easier than many think! The healthiest dishes out there are often the ones that require the least ingredients, the least prep, and the least time to cook - and these delicious salmon recipes are no exception. Salmon cooks up very quickly, so it's a perfect pick for busy households, and it's chock full of great vitamins and nutrients too! For clean, healthy eaters, you can't get much better than these!

Balsamic-Red Wine SalmonCoconut Crusted Salmon FilletsSpring Salmon with Green Garlic, Peas and Radish

Hawaiian Salmon Burgers from The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Hawaiian Salmon BurgersMiso Salmon with Daikon Slaw

Three Way Salmon Chirashi Sushi from Tea and Oranges

Three Way Salmon Chirashi SushiSalmon with Lemon Cream Beurre Blanc and Sauteed VegetablesRoasted Salmon Rosettes with Pistachio Cruda

Pan Fried Salmon with Mango Salsa from Kelly Siew Cooks

Pan Fried Salmon with mango Salsa

Salmon Puttanesca from Gastronomical Sovereignty

Salmon PuttanescaBroiled Salmon with Coconut Red Curry Sauce and Lime Scallion RicePan Fried Salmon with Dill Sauce

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