How to Cook Lasagna in a Dishwasher

You know what would be an easy way of winning some quick cash? Betting someone that you can cook an entire, delicious lasagna in the dishwasher. We've already learned that you can poach a pretty fantastic salmon in the dishwasher, but salmon is delicate and light. A whole lasagna almost sounds too incredible to believe. However, you absolutely can (though not necessarily should) make a batch of dishwasher lasagna big enough to impress your whole family; a fact confirmed by none less than the MythBusters (and Alton Brown)!

Vegetable Lasagna from The Pioneer Woman

Vegetable Lasagna from The Pioneer Woman

*Important Note: Some dishwashers will not be able to get hot enough to safely cook food. You will need a machine that can get up to at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You should be very certain your dishwasher can achieve that heat before attempting this recipe.

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