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Need a nutritious pick-me-up in the middle of the day? Or an easy lunch idea that you can prep on the weekend that lasts the whole week? Warm and nourishing, or cold and satisfying -- however you take lunch, there are hundreds of recipes to choose from on Yummly.

Brown Bag Lunch Recipes

If you want something quick and easy that's more exciting from your brown bag than peanut butter and jelly that you can meal-prep for lunch, try mixing up your noon nosh with a make-ahead pasta salad recipe…

A BLT bowtie pasta can be assembled at home and dressed at work so you can stay on the healthy eating track. Pair it with greek yogurt and an orange to round out your midday meal. If you prefer something from the sandwich family, try a Thai chicken wrap that travels well in a lunchbox. If you want a low-carb meal, a Mexican lettuce wrap is a good, low-calorie alternative and can be made into a vegan version fairly easily.

Warm & Wholesome Lunch Recipes

Healthy lunch recipes don't have to be chilled; they can be lighter versions of your dinner recipes from the slow cooker. Try slow cooker vegetable soup or tomato soup to go with grilled cheese sandwich. If you're in the market for lunch recipes for kids, slow cooker pulled pork or french dip sandwiches are great make-ahead hot lunches that go well with slaw or mac and cheese.

Luncheon Planning

Putting together a baby or bridal shower luncheon requires a unique kind of meal-planning. If you want healthy group lunch ideas, finger sandwiches come in all flavors! Ham and egg salad finger sandwiches are customary but you can find new twists on old favorites like chicken, almond and avocado or blue cheese and walnut finger sandwiches. If you need a dish to warm up your guests with Southern style, you can serve Kentucky hot browns as a casserole or a caramelized onion quiche. To bring it all together, serve cupcakes and madeleines for a sweet ending to your afternoon meal.

Putting together a good midday meal is can be a snap if you have the right recipes! Whether you are looking for fast and simple meal ideas or you're planning an afternoon soiree, discover hundreds of lunch recipes on Yummly.

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