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Serve up a good morning with brunch recipes from Yummly! Whether you're entertaining holiday visitors, you're organizing a Mother's Day brunch, or you're planning a wedding brunch for out of town guests, there are hundreds of brunch recipes to choose from.

Building a Hot Bar

It's not hard to make your brunch an over-the-top feast. To make it simple, you can break it down into three stations: hot bar, cold bar, and drink bar. For the hot bar, you can serve breakfast favorites like poached e…

gs (with or without the ham, hollandaise, and English muffin for eggs benedict), hash browns, and breakfast burritos. To add something Southern, throw in an easy batch of cheese grits alongside traditional scrambled eggs, or add some spicy salsa to your baked eggs to transform them into huevos rancheros. Sweeten up the spread by including maple bacon or toss in chocolate chips to the pancake recipe. If you want to keep it simple, make a bread pudding (or french toast casserole) and egg bake to complete the buffet.

Building a Cold Bar

For the cold bar, you can refer to hundreds of make-ahead breakfast recipes. Cinnamon rolls and coffee cake can be prepped a few days in advance. Keep them in the freezer or refrigerator and bake them off the morning of your brunch for fresh-baked pastries to pair with apples and fresh fruit. Breakfast bars and banana bread can be baked the night before and served at room temperature. For those who want something savory, you can have guests build breakfast sandwiches with bagels, cream cheese, and smoked salmon. It all adds up to a tasty breakfast, but don't forget to add a station for toast and jam!

Building a Drink Bar

Whether you're serving up a celebration or this is part of your Sunday Funday, no brunch is complete without a proper bar for drinks. A bloody mary bar is always a nice touch. You can let your guests decide on the right garnish to go with their tomato juice and vodka -- celery, salami, pickle, or olives. If you want to give them a sweet option, you can put out champagne and orange juice to make mimosas for toasting! Both of those can be made non-alcoholic, or you can offer coffee and hot chocolate to make sure there are drink selections for everyone.

From breakfast skillets to sheet pan breakfasts, discover thousands of the best brunch recipes for your morning feast on Yummly.

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