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Recipes by Course

If you're on a quest to design the perfect meal, you've landed in the right place to plan your menu for any course. Cooking for a Christmas crowd or crafting an intimate five-course meal for two, there are thousands of recipes to make every meal overwhelmingly enjoyable.

Appetizers & Starters

Every bite counts when you're serving appetizers. Flawlessly flavored stuffed mushrooms and black bean hummus with tahini are standout starters, but tea sandwich recipes and blue…

cheese-stuffed olives are quick bites that are easy to make and easier to eat. However you want to get your party started, there are appetizer recipes to amplify any cook's skills.


There are so many soup recipes to impress your guests. Simple sips of a French onion soup as an amuse bouche warm guests without filling them up. For Asian flavors, small bowls of wonton soup whets their appetite for what's to come.


For light bites before the main event, you don't have to rely on romaine to build your starter salads. While tabbouleh is a chilled Mediterranean salad, caponata is a warm Sicilian salad, but both are easy salad recipes that exceed expectations.


Side dishes are where you can let loose with comfort food without stuffing your guests. Cheesy sweet corn or twice-baked cauliflower -- casserole recipes can be quite elegant served in ramekins.


The main course is your chance to bring your favorites to the fore. Pork tenderloin tressed and dressed with fresh herbs is an effortless entree, but if you need veggie vibes with star quality for your dinner party eggplant pizza and spaghetti squash lasagna are spirited spins on the Italian favorites. For something spicy Mexican roast chicken hangs heavy with heat as an easy dinner recipe.


Delivering distinctive desserts is not just for baking bosses. Impressive yet easy recipes abound! Olive oil cake and sweet potato cheesecake are both as exquisite to taste as they are easy to make. Warm summer call for something lighter and you can't lose with simple roasted berries or a blackberry cobbler topped with ice cream.

As you map out your menu, there are many directions you can take. Start your search for the right recipes with Yummly.

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