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People cook for many reasons. At Yummly, we do it for the love of food, and we want to help you and other home cooks discover and demystify dishes that pique your culinary curiosities -- whatever the driving force behind cooking is for you. Whether your economic strategy is motivated by gastronomic delights or your dietary restrictions are guiding your kitchen creations, there are thousands of recipes to explore.

We've broken down the elements of cooking to make it simple…

to search for recipes that speak to you.


Whatever you have in your refrigerator, there's a recipe to elevate dinnertime. Charmingly charred chicken is just a click away, but if pork chops are taking up space in the freezer, there's an edible ode to pork to suit your taste. Too many olives, capers, and condiments? Try tressing a pork tenderloin with layers of your favorite salty seasonings to make forks fly at your next feast. Excess beef and broccoli embolden a simple stir-fry and seafood and salmon make delicious partners for your spring asparagus -- whatever you're working with, our meal matchmaking can turn any ingredient into a superlative dish any time of day.

Quick & Easy

Everyone is short on time but Yummly is long on recipes for quick and easy recipes. If sheet pan dinners dominate weeknight meals, we've got your back. Sweet potatoes with sunset hues and meatloaf flavored with fragrant aromatics that command center-of-the-plate attention can be on the table in an hour. Need something lighter? There are healthy recipes for soup that will make your spoon swoon. Quick and easy can also come in the form of a make-ahead veggie casserole to partner with pasta for a well-balanced meal.


Breakfast, lunch, or dinner -- never miss a meal with Yummly. Feed your mango madness in the morning with a smoothie or toss together mango salsa for your tacos at lunch. Green beans can be a simple side dish to turn a chicken recipe into a superior main course. Turkey rollups for an afternoon snack or chocolate cake for your after-dinner delight -- every meal is covered.


If your hunger pangs want to take you on a trip around the world, let Yummly draw you a map. The magic of Mexican food is guided by superior spices from south of the Rio Grande and simplicity represents the radiant flavors of the Mediterranean meal. From an uncomplicated Italian Insalata Caprese to the noble noodles of Chinese cuisine, you can deepen your global culinary sensibilities from your own oven.


There's no one superior cooking technique -- slow cooker or pressure cooker, oven-baked or toaster oven-roasted, there's one goal we're all trying to achieve: a tasty meal. Test out banana bread made in a crock pot or chicken thighs in an instant pot to add a few tricks to your repertoire for a winning weeknight dinner. Pot roast with a spunky punch and beef stew with a bang, even comfort food is better when you mix up your techniques.


Delivering on a diet that narrows your cooking canvas to certain ingredients is a welcome challenge to strong cooks but with Yummly as a guide, recipes are not out of reach for beginning cooks with dietary restrictions. Making gluten-free bread is no longer limited to professional bakers and making diabetic dinners don't have to be difficult! Whether you follow a keto diet and need recipes with protein power, or plant-based foods direct your meal-planning, there's a recipe with the maximum flavor impact to match any diet.

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